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Announcing CPC’s SPRING SHORTS 2018 printmaking courses! Visiting artists and short-term workshops and classes to celebrate the nice weather and jumpstart your creativity with quirky new courses that broaden the boundaries of print media. Or, consider a private or semi private course tailored to whatever you want to learn!

Email or call us RIGHT AWAY to register for a class, or just use the Paypal buttons below. When you pay via PayPal, please send us an email with a good telephone number where you can be reached: classes@chicagoprintmakers.com.
If you email or leave us a message at 773-293-2070, please include your name, address, tel and method of preferred payment
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Classes at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

  • Relief printmaking

    with Amy Leners

    Mondays, February 26 – March 19, 2018
    4 weeks, 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $190


    Only 1 space left!


    Using hand tools, students will learn to produce linoleum and woodcut prints, printing by hand and with a press.  Clear instruction and introductory exercises will guide beginners in learning this medium; students with previous experience will be challenged to develop ideas and engage in more advanced techniques such as multiple-block color and reduction printing.

  • ALTERNATIVE PROCESSES: Encaustic Collagraph

    with Visiting Artist Jeffrey Hirst

    4 Weeks, 6pm – 9pm
    Tuesdays, April 3 – 24, 2018
    Cost: $190 + $60 materials = $250 total, all materials included!



    This class explores creating a printing plate made from encaustic medium. The encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin) are painted and manipulated on acrylic surfaces. The wax can be carved and reworked to arrive each individual’s imagery. The process is very spontaneous and direct and rich complex images can be achieved using the process. The plates are then printed onto printmaking paper using an etching press. Multiple plate images and drypoint will also be covered in the class. The class is entirely non-toxic and we will use Akua intaglio ink in the printing process. While the class will cover technical information, an emphasis will be on each individual’s personal imagery.


    with Duffy O’Connor

    4 Weeks, 10am – 1pm
    Sundays, April 8 – 29, 2018
    Cost: $195



    So you've got some experience with relief printmaking but you want more - it's time to introduce color!  Join Duffy O'Connor for this 4-week course and learn reduction and multiple block methods for color printing.  Basic color theory, ink modification, registration methods and cutting techniques will also be addressed to help you produce outstanding color relief prints.

  • ANIMATED INTAGLIO: Platework in Motion

    with Visiting Artist Melody Vaughan

    5 Weeks, 6pm – 9pm
    Wednesdays, April 25 – May 23, 2018
    Cost: $225



    This course will explore and document the change in the lifespan of a single copper plate. Students will learn the processes of drypoint and mezzotint** (No acid required!) in this low-toxicity approach to intaglio. The plate will be worked, printed, reworked, and reprinted several times to create a series of prints that document the changes in the malleable copper. The resulting series of prints will be ANIMATED! Students will leave the course with a series of physical prints, a piece of video art, and an increased knowledge and appreciation for direct intaglio plate-work.


    with CPC Director Deborah Maris Lader

    1 day workshop, 1pm – 4pm
    Friday, April 20, 2018
    Cost: $95



    Interested in seeing printmaking in action but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Lithography and Etching (Intaglio) are demystified with in-depth explanation and demonstration. A brief discussion of Relief and Screenprinting will also be covered.

    Perfect for print enthusiasts and collectors who would like a bit more information on how these beautiful images are created, and why artists are so enamored with ink. Examples of work from the CPC collection will enhance the experience.

  • SCREENPRINTING: Posters and Tees

    with Megan Sterling

    2 Weeks, 6pm – 9pm
    Tuesdays, May 8 & 15, 2018
    Cost: $120



    In this quick and fun 2-week workshop, students get to frolic with the silkscreen process and make a mini 1-2 color poster print or walk away with their own design printed on t-shirts. Screens, squeegees and other basic supplies will be provided. Students just need to bring their own t-shirts or paper they want to print on and ink color of choice. Details will be provided upon registration.


    with Master Printer Chris Flynn

    2 Days (4 hours each day), 1pm – 5pm
    Saturday and Sunday, May 19 & 20, 2018
    Cost: $150



    Artists in this 2-day workshop will create intaglio prints using photo-polymer plates. This material, also used for letterpress and relief printing, can capture every nuance of a continuous tone photograph, as well as direct drawing on transparent media. Using digital or hand-made positives in combination with an aquatint screen, artists can easily simulate the look and feel of classic copperplate photogravure, montage, a variety of drawing techniques, or experiment with new directions. All levels of experience are welcomed.

  • Oversized Woodcut Intensive

    with Visiting Artist Raeleen Kao

    2 weeks, 10am – 2pm
    Sundays June 3 & 10, 2018


    Jumpstart your summer carving endeavors!

    Whether or not you’re preparing to participate in CPC’s upcoming Roller Derby
    Steamroller event in July, this two-day workshop will provide students with skills
    on how to approach large scale image making by utilizing mark-making specific to
    the woodcut medium. Participants will be given instruction on drawing, working
    with negative space, preparing the surface of the woodblock, and carving
    techniques. This workshop will also teach participants hand-printing techniques
    for proofing their large-scale prints without a press.

  • Private and semi-private classes

    The CPC continues to offer private classes in all mediums. Fees are $150 for a 3-hour session one-on-one with a professional instructor.

    Possible areas of study include: Etching, Photoetching, Lithography (Stone, plate, and paper), Screenprinting, Relief (and linoleum), Bookmaking, Collograph, Monoprint, and Letterpress.


    Are you interested in taking a printmaking class but can't fit it into your schedule? Maybe you have something specific in mind for a project you want to do, or you want to learn a process that's not covered this session. If so, you can arrange to take a private class. Private classes provide very flexible scheduling and one-on-one contact with the instructor so you can learn exactly what you want and need.

  • Worksessions

    If you have a basic understanding of printmaking and you don’t need ‘how-to’ instruction, you can sign up to print at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative for three consecutive hours between 12:00 and 5:00 PM on Fridays or Saturdays. The cost per worksession is $40. Someone will be there to help you find what you need, but other than that, you’re on your own!

    Reservations are necessary so please call ahead, 773 293 2070.


    Worksessions are perfect for students who need to get a little more shop time in!

For further information please email us at info@chicagoprintmakers.com or call 773-293-2070. To register for classes with a check, please send us your name, address, tel # and email and mail it to the CPC along with your check payment made out to Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. For all other payment, please use the paypal link to purchase online, use VISA or MASTERCARD over the phone, or stop by the CPC on Friday or Saturday afternoons between 12 and 5 (or by appointment). NOTE: If you use the Paypal option, please email the CPC with your tel number, as Paypal does not collect this info and we need to be able to reach you!

Payment in full is required at registration, before the start of all group classes.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: Tuition is refundable for group classes, minus a processing fee of $50 for each class dropped, ONLY if the CPC is notified at least one week prior to the session start date. Students may opt to receive full studio credit in lieu of a refund. Students are responsible for notifying the CPC that they wish to drop a class or workshop; not attending class does not constitute an official withdrawal from courses or cancellation of tuition or fees. If you must drop a class or workshop after the deadline, no credit or refund will be given, except for documented medical reasons with physicians note. The CPC does not offer make up classes. However, if a student must miss a class due to illness or extreme weather, CPC will offer a complimentary work session once class is completed and student is confident with their skills.

Classes are cancelled when enrollment minimums are not reached. This may occur two to three days before the start date of a course. Classes are very rarely cancelled at the CPC, but if a cancellation does occur, the student will receive a full refund.

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